Student Life » Overview


Damien High School offers a diverse, healthy and purposeful student life program. Students have an opportunity to explore and learn about their full potential. Students can participate in activities such as sports, clubs, student body government, dances, newspaper, yearbook, student ambassadors and Christian service.
Life of a Spartan
The Spartan Life is filled with incredible opportunities for personal, academic, and spiritual development. By graduation, a Damien Spartan should be a well-rounded individual by developing a healthy lifestyle, practicing self-discipline; understanding various models of leadership; and being open to opportunities for leadership.
A Damien Spartan should exhibit community and global awareness by exploring cultural contributions of diverse societies; recognizing the various social, political and economic forces that shape our world; and understand our responsibility as stewards of the natural environment and its resources.
There are numerous events for Spartans to gather and grow within the community, including Pomona Catholic School students and St. Lucy's Priory High School students. These include, but are not limited to:
      • Cheering on our Spartans from The Pit (our renown student section at all sporting events)
      • Enjoying Spirit Week leading to the Homecoming Game
      • Participating in spiritual retreats: Adelphoi (Freshmen), Sophomore Retreat, Emmaus (Juniors), Kairos (Seniors).
      • Joining a club at Club Day
      • Daily Mass in the Chapel or Monthly school-wide Mass
      • Fall and Spring semester sports rallies
      • Being a community leader in our Spartan Ambassador outreach program
      • Attending Prom and Homecoming Dances